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Everyone should make a Will, as otherwise, when you die, the government will step in and dictate who is to receive your hard-earned money and possessions. For example, even if you are married, your spouse may not automatically inherit the family home. If you are living together, but not married, your partner may not receive anything at all. This could lead to distress and financial hardship for those nearest and dearest to you. A Will provides peace of mind and ensures that when you have gone, your property and finances will pass to those you wish to benefit. We can provide you with sound, common sense advice, and for less than you may think.
We recommend that you review your Will at least every 3 years, and also if certain events occur, for example:-
• new arrivals in the family (new baby, adoption of a child)
• a death in the family
• a child becomes an adult
• marriage (this would automatically revoke a previous Will unless that Will had been made in contemplation of such marriage)
• divorce or separation
• loss of mental capacity of a beneficiary
• change in financial circumstances

Probate means, quite simply, the proving of a Will to be authentic and valid. It also means the administration of the estate of a deceased person in accordance with the terms of their Will. The Grant of Probate is obtained by the Executors of the Will, who then arrange the repayment of moneys to the estate and settle any debts. They are also responsible for payment of any Inheritance Tax that may be due. You can appoint any individual aged 18 years or over to be an Executor.
The firm of Hawkins Ross has been appointed as Executor of numerous Wills over the years, as clients do so safe in the knowledge that we will honour their last wishes and deal with their affairs in a professional, independent and sensitive manner.
Home and hospital visits can often be arranged at short notice where necessary.

Letters of Administration
If you die without leaving a valid Will, your financial affairs will usually be handled by your next of kin, who may need to obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration in order to be given the necessary legal authority. We can advise on all aspects of this.

Please contact Nick Capstick or Alastair Ross for further details and advice.
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